More than just and advert.

Newspapers. Traditional print still works.

Regardless of digital, Traditional newspapers still work.

Everyone we talk to agrees. You simply cannot beat the feel of a real book or newspaper in your hands. A quick tea and a read up of local news when you have a spare moment is just not the same on a small screen.

We believe in the printed newspaper and will continue to produce Focus Newspapers to the same high standard for the foreseeable future. (Although we have moved on from the typewriter).

We pride ourselves on being accessible to everyone in our local catchments and not just the big players. We gladly provide valuable editorial space to small charities and groups as well as celebrating the achievements of our local population. This has proved to be a very successful philosophy and has gained up a happy loyal readership.

We ensure our titles are seen with a combination of  distribution at key locations and paid postal subscriptions.

Focus Newspapers can be picked up in numerous locations throughout Hertfordshire including St Albans, Harpenden, Radlett, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City, Watford and more.

Please visit again as we will soon update to provide a full list of locations in the near future.