More than just and advert.

Mobile and tablet friendly editions


Not only do we distribute our printed papers to a wider area, digital publishing has allowed us to increase penetration even further. We now deliver your message to a much wider market through a combination of methods to ensure the best delivery possible. Print, email, mobile and tablet friendly editions ensure a greater success.

We have ditched the app in preference for more mobile and tablet friendly methods.

Having an app is great if you are the publisher of national or international magazine but for local press there is little point. If people are looking for information they will generally look to google and not for an app.

If you are paying to appear in a publication then you want your advert seen. With an app however, the only way to deliver advertising is with banners and these have drawbacks. Banners do have their place and can work well when done correctly but they do mean you will generally be appearing randomly along with loads of other advertisers.

We have chosen to deliver a mobile and tablet friendly version of our publication which ensures your advert is seen in it’s rightful place. On the page along with editorial content. Isn’t this the point of advertising? 

We give you the choice

Flexibility is the key to our service. You have the choice to advertise using any combination of our methods.

What about advertising on the Focus Newspapers website?

We do, from time to time, accept advertising on our websites. What’s more, we will not charge you a small fortune to do so.

Contact us now to find out what we can do for you.

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