More than just and advert.

Communicating with customers takes Focus

Communicating with customers is essential to keeping up a good relationship and securing future sales.

Rather than simply sell you advertising, Focus Newspapers are  proud to be able to provide the extra tools to help you follow up and keep in regular contact with your new and potential customers.

We believe that communicating with customers on a regular basis is essential for establishing and maintaining a good relationship and ultimately sales.

With Focus Newspapers, you are able to achieve high levels of contact in many ways.

Firstly, we produce our own regular marketing emails in order to prompt and remind our subscribers of news, events, competitions and offers. These are crafted to deliver relevant information and encourage further reading. All of which helps to get your advertising in front of your customers eyes.

As a regular advertiser with Focus Newspapers, you can include your information within any of these mail outs. We can highlight any message you want to portray from specific sale dates to special offers.

Taking things a step further we are able to produce a specially prepared, personalised message just for you. We can then bulk email our subscribers on your behalf and even target the delivery by postcode or town.

Finally, we are happy to discuss providing you with a personalised bulk email facility for you to privately upload and manage your own contacts. Within a day you can be up and running with your very own bulk email facility to mass mail as and when you like.

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Communicating with customers takes Focus – not effort.